Romaine lettuce vs Iceburg lettuce

A conscientious eater may wonder “Does iceberg lettuce have any nutritional value?” But for most of us, we mindlessly reach for iceberg lettuce because that’s what our moms used to serve as a “token” green. Not that there’s anything wrong with iceberg lettuce if you’re eating it for the water content–its most abundant nutrient.

Both types of lettuce, romaine and iceberg, have the same 2 grams of fiber per 2 cup serving. The calories are nearly the same as well–the calories in 2 cups of iceberg lettuce is 20 as compared to the calories in romaine lettuce of 16. But if you’re looking for nutritional value, romaine lettuce stacks up far greater in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, best  illustrated in the graph below.

To make the switch from iceberg to romaine, start adding romaine to your iceberg in a 50/50 mix. There are several bagged salad mixes that have already done this for you. As your taste buds adjust, start removing more of the iceberg and replacing it with other types of lettuce.

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